New Authorization-App for Mobile-Coupon ready to download in the iTunes Store

As of today, the new promotion authorization app for the xsmart mobile coupon System is in the iTunes Store, ready for downloading. In parallel to the app, the authorization can be processed via the credit card terminals. And brand new, coupons aved in customers’ passbooks can also be read via the scan function.  Currently, there are two downloadable Versions:

mzl_rqwyxhrs_75x75-65mzl_hpkppqbo_175x175-75Promotion authorization apps for various brands (user log-in upon request)

After starting, the  promotion authorization app requests the log-in. The name of the user is backed up with saved data such as such as client, merchant, location and terminal ID. Thus, when a coupon is redeemed, the relevant statistics are augmented by the  corresponding data. Following the log-in, the merchant can accept coupon codes from customers. Ideally, the app would be used for smaller mobile coupon Providers as well as for promotions by agencies for product sampling campaigns, road shows, etc.