Boost acquires majority stake in xsmart

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Boost expands its expertise in mobile marketing and payments through its acquisition of a majority stake in xsmart

Boost today announced the completion of its acquisition of xsmart, a provider of integrated solutions and payments. The combination of both companies’ expertise provides a huge improvement in shopper activation and increased sales through electronic channels online and on mobile platforms for Boost’s customers. The two companies agreed to keep the terms of the acquisition confidential.

Through the acquisition, Boost expands its expertise also in e-marketing and e-payments to support her three existing business units: shopper marketing, loyalty programmes and collectibles promotions. The xsmart platform is available to our 150 leading brands and retailers immediately.

“With xsmart, we have found a strong mobile service provider that supports us in the international expansion of our mobile channel. By combining the core skills of both companies, we have created a substantial competitive advantage for our B2B clients and the marketing and sales service providers, and thus a sustainable improvement in the growth potential of their customer contact frequencies,” says Michael Reinwald, Boost’s CEO.

Christian Baumann, co-founder and CEO of xsmart, gives her assessment of the new collaboration: “We are absolutely enthusiastic about bundling our forces with Boost, a highly innovative service provider in the area of shopper activation. Our companies focus on electronic ticketing and e-couponing solutions, so that our customers don’t have to maintain their own infrastructures for these services. Without question, the development of smartphone apps is absolutely necessary in this context.

“Xsmart’s expertise in mobile marketing will be incorporated into Boost’s services to further enhance the added value that Boost provides to its clients. Our clients will profit from the expanded opportunities in sales and marketing provided by our new partner. Together, we offer a powerful solution to activate shoppers and to increase the sales figures of our clients,” says Baumann.

Boost is looking forward to working with the new team and to the productive times ahead.