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+Zürcher Verkehrsverbund ZVV (Zurich Transport Association)

ZVV including 9 night time networks

With a single night time surcharge payment of CHF 5.00 made by SMS (text message) via xsmart E-Payment (with  our partner MNC) all of the customers in the transport associations ZVV, A-Welle, FlexTax, OSTWIND, the transport associations of Zug, Schwyz, Z-Pass as well as those in the night trains from Zurich to Lucerne and Schaffhausen to Singen can be on their way without having to deal with long lines at the ticket machines and miss their trains.

As part of the solution for ZVV, E-Payment provides both real time statistics and a helpdesk console with which those in charge at ZVV can retain oversight of their services and process customer requests. The ticket inspectors in the trains are equipped with the SMS verification function with which they can check any ticket based on the mobile number or the ticket ID – also in real time.

ZVV night surcharge info

+Cantonal Banks of Zurich (ZKB) and Schaffhausen (SHKB)

ZKB, SHKB free night surcharge for ZVV

The sponsorship of the Cantonal banks to distribute night surcharges to their clients free of charge and in highly secure mode was implemented with E-Payment combined with E-Couponing. A sophisticated, high security checking mechanism enables clients in the system to be approved for the service based on the Cantonal banks’ data entries. This ensures that only contract clients of the banks can order a free night surcharge, restricted to one per night each. In future it will be possible to combine the SMS and smartphone app channels.

ZKB night owl info

SHKB night surcharge info


Mobile-Coupon app from SIX Payment Services

SIX Payment Services offers its merchants the option to use the couponing platform Mobile Coupon. All content of the providers is managed in xsmart’s E-Couponing. The end customers choose the channel themselves, be it SMS, smartphone app or Facebook, and the merchants distribute their offers as a hybrid across all channels on request. Merchants such as Media Markt, Saturn, Burger King, Weltbild, Ochsner Sport, Total Sport, and HP-Store Switzerland use this platform to drive traffic to their POS.


+Burger King

Burger King central Switzerland and Berne

A large number of SMS memberships were generated in record time. When combined with the SIX Mobile Coupon app, a high distribution of these coupons is guaranteed. The redemption rate is measured in a range of about 10%, depending on the offer and the channel.

+Swisscom AG

Opening of Stade de Swiss

The objective to reduce the queue of contest participants at the Swisscom booth to a minimum was fully achieved with xsmart E-Couponing. Couponing enabled a total of 9,000 winnings to be distributed, with an average wait time of 5 minutes. The service was then also used at other events, such as the Lauberhorn ski race.

SdS opening ceremonies info

+Renault Schweiz AG

Renault Schweiz at the motor show

By using xsmart E-Couponing, guests were directed to the Renault booth before and during the motor show. Based on the statistics and data thus gleaned, Renault was able to evaluate how many visitors purchased a Renault due to xsmart E-Couponing. The campaigns were a great success!


McDonald’s Franchisees

A total of up to 22 franchisee restaurants jointly processed over 45,000 SMS club members. A total of over 1.5 million coupons were distributed. The redemption rate ranged from 7% to 86%.  This means that over 180,000 guests frequented the restaurants due to xsmart couponing. Increased sales were always measurable in real time.

+World Vision Switzerland

World Vision Amanzivision app

By distributing e-coupons for players of the Amanzivision Game straight to the app, World Vision builds and maintains relationships with its donors. This also applied to all donors who make a contribution via SMS. The coupons are used in the online, app or Facebook game versions.



Sunrise Shops

Using an interactive display window, customers were encouraged to order a coupon and after placing their order were asked directly via mobile to come to a shop and see what they had won. With a redemption rate of over 26% the campaign was a huge success.

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