Our services at a glance

When developing E-Payment and E-Couponing we paid close attention to ensuring that users and customers would be able to choose the channel of their preference. Each channel can be offered individually, in combination with others, or with the option of choice. This increases the acceptance of the solution by the end user.

Hybrid E-Channels

+SMS (text messaging)

Even as a nearly obsolete model, the SMS (text messaging) channel continues to have a high appeal due to its high penetration and acceptance. In E-Couponing vendors report the most successful redemption rate, since this channel accounts for very little distribution loss. In contrast to the acceptance of debit or credit cards in payments, SMS is still considered the only reliable currency which can be used to make payments without registration. xsmart E-Payment ensures use of the most cost-effective payment method for the provider.


Since the introduction of the first  iPhone, the smartphone has become the success driver for the mobile industry. Xsmart E-Payment and E-Couponing serve all successful smartphone operating systems with content and processes. Without a provider being required to make large investments, they gain access to the smartphone world for couponing, in-app sales or ticketing.


Facebook has the advantage that many providers already been able to generate a high number of “likers” on the Facebook page, and have been able to use these with E-Couponing and E-Payment for the distribution of coupons and tickets. In return, the Facebook channel offered by xsmart creates new “likers” through the recommendation module.

+Passbook App
PassBook_Blue_shadowThe Passbook App in Apples iOS 6 acts as the central location to keep electronic boarding passes, loyalty cards, retail coupons, movie tickets, and more all in one place. With the Passbook App, Apple shows the clear way of its future wallet solution. Coupons and tickets out of xsmarts E-Payment and E-Couponing services can be pushed from Apps or from Facebook directly into Passbook.
+Contactless transmission

Due to a number of technological developments, contactless transmission of tickets and coupons is taking on an increasingly important role. Whether it’s for skiing or for admission into sports arenas, the end users are aware of the solutions with a card, a watch or a mobile phone as chip carrier. Xsmart E-Payment is already certified for use of the interface to Skidata and can operate it. The NFC interface that will then also operate the credit card terminals for couponing is already in preparation.


Via an open interface vendors can distribute coupons by email via their own CRM systems. Tickets with barcodes are also already being used via email in the print at home version.


Even if today everything is available electronically, there are end users who prefer to have a printout in their hands. Which can be feasibile in the case of offers intended for such purposes.


The barcode can be used as an identifier wherever the vendor has the appropriate scanner technology,irrespective of whether the solution requires a data matrix, QR code, PDF417 or an EAN code.

xsmart offers diverse options for redeeming coupon or ticket codes. The simplest one, of course, is when redemption is not necessary for validation. All redemption channels offered are utilised individually or combined. Thus a coupon or certificate can be physically used in a chain store facility or redeemed via the web shop.

Hybrid redemption channels

+Credit card terminals

Credit card terminals for code entry prove to be effective, since neither personnel nor the customer have to be trained for the redemption process. The process of entering a code and confirming with OK is well known among all cardholders.

+Redemption app

Using the redemption app for iOS or Microsoft Windows the coupon code is simply validated by personnel.

+Web-Shop autorisation

Using a very simple and flexible API interface, vendors tie the redemption service into their CRM, e-shops or online services.  In that way a web shop accepts the codes from E-Payment or E-Couponing.

The  xsmart E-Payment is actually a multi-client capable hybrid E-Shop Connector to enable existing online shops to process customer orders via the mobile channels such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Facebook can also be integrated. So not all shop operators have to make large investments for the integration of their own shops into mobile environments. Based on many years of experience, the xsmart E-Payment connects the individually desired purchasing process incl. payment with the order channels SMS, Smart Phone App and ensures the linkage of the control infrastructure such as  the Barcode, RFID, SMS control.

Solutions such as the ZVV night time surcharge, the Cantonal banks’ Night Owl, Mobile ticketing in Ski regions as well as event ticketing are based on the xsmart E-Payment.

xsmart E-Couponing is the only multi-client capable hybrid (end-to-end) E-Coupon engine on the market. On one hand, it ensures that campaigns with the desired coupon function are created and the coupons configured with the corresponding security and authorisation attributes. On the other hand, personal coupon codes intended to be sent via SMS, Smart Phone App, Facebook are created, that can then be redeemed at the POS via credit card terminals, coupon field in the e-shop and online or iPhone app. The results are reported back and can be flexibly evaluated in statistical charts.

The system allows for the configuration of campaigns with one time, daily, monthly or annual redemption authorisations. Redemption windows can also be authorised for specific days of the week and times of day. In addition to the contest type campaign that provides a winning allocation for every redemption, campaigns in the so-called downtrading process can also be supported. In this case the available number of articles are deposited and counted down with every coupon that is redeemed.

Solutions such as the one developed with SIX, the Mobile-Coupon.ch platform, as well as the E-Couponing customers listed under References were all implemented and operated with E-Couponing, whether for temporary promotions or as a strategic direct marketing tool.