SmartPhone and Windows App Development

Over the past 6 years, given the product revolution involving e-coupons and e-payments we were constantly confronted with the design and development Windows and smartphone apps (applications).  Therefore, time and again xsmart is assigned with the xecution and implementation of app and backend infrastructures.  For the implementation, we make sure to strike a balance between so-called native and web app functionalities. This is decisive for optimum operation as well as cost-efficient elease processes. Our experience has shown that the composition of the specialised areas technology, design, integration and the involvement of the right partners plays a decisive role in achieving the optimal user experience. The knowhow of the well-developed network flows into each of the projects.

App Uebersicht

+1. Workshop as a kick-off

WorkshopAs a general rule, the kickoff of an assignment always begins with one or more workshops. This calls for aggregating all the requirements of the project members involved.  In the team, coached by xsmart, the criteria and priorities are developed, based on 3 questions relevant for success:


- Why should the end customer utilise the service
- Why should the end customer make repeated use of the service?
- Why should the end customer recommend the service to others?

+2. Specifications
Based on the results of the workshops, xsmart develops the specifications so as to enable the customer to very quickly adopt the operating concepts and the content. In so doing, the various levels such as the presentation layer, app-interface as well as various relevant data sources are considered. The specifications can be considered a completed project. The customers then decide whether they would like to also work with xsmart in addressing the implementation.Umsetzung

+3. App Development

The implementation is executed based on the specifications as approved by the customer.  During the implementation phase, relatively little interaction with the customer is required, since the specifications have been clearly established.  The project plan integrates milestones that indicate in advance what the required efforts on the part of the customer will be.

ProjektplanFollowing the launch of the app, upon request, release planning can already be initiated. In recent years xsmart has developed this specifically for such projects.